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Sairam Shankars Romeo Movie Review

Banner: Maharshi Cinema
Director: Gopi Ganesh
Producer: Dorai Swamy
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinema Rating: 2/5
Cinematography: PG Vinda
Editing by: Navin Nooli
Starring: Sairam Shankar, Adonika, Ravi Teja

Kittu (Sai Ram Shankar) is a fun going guy who visits Europe and he finds suddenly Samantha (Adonika) and he falls for her. He spends time following her and finally he introduces himself and becomes a friend to her. He then reveals a shocking news to her about his past. What's the news and the rest of the movie is about how Kittu managed to convince Samantha and win his love?

The first half of the movie starts with a very slow pace and the movie misses the required feel. The scenes get repeated and you just get to watch Sai Ram and Adonika on the screen and no one else. The songs miss the situation and they are really placed at the un wanted time. On the whole the first half ends on a low note.

The second half dips too much leaving the movie predictable. The special appearances done by Ravi Teja, Ali and Subba Raju try to entertain but they could not help anyway. On the whole the second half is quite boring and irritated. The movie was supposed to have released long back.
Mass Maharaaja Ravi Teja is playing a cameo in the film
Movie reminds one of Nithiin's last release Heart Attack.

Star director Puri Jaganadh has written script for this film, his brother Sai Ram Shankar is playing the lead role in the film, Adonika is heroine. Other lead actors in the movie are Ali and Subbaraju. Songs of the movie are pretty good decent. Gopi Ganesh assistant of Puri Jaganadh has directed it. Ravi Teja has played guest roles in this movie. Sai Ram Shankar as an actor has performed well and his body language has been well fit. But his diolague delivery has lot of slang and need to be improved. Adonika should be appreciated for her impressive debut. She is quite good on screen and her expressions have been perfect. All others have just done justice for their assigned roles.

The story has nothing to offer and so is the screenplay. The diolagues are just ok. The photography and music have been decent. The director should have focussed on a good script with a gripping narration so that the movie should have come out well.
Sairam Shankar is good in few scenes but overall he disappoints. Its gets monotonic to sit through a movie which has Sairam in almost every frame either stalking, dancing or quite simply hamming his way through out the film post Bumper Offer. Adonika Rodricks although hotter than her previous movie, needs to shed those extra pounds quickly. Quite frankly, the actress in the first half looks a few years younger to Adonika in the second half.

Final Word:
Romeo is not a film for which Sai Ram Shankar is waiting for. The movie failed in all the departments leaving the audience irritated and frustrated. It can be completely ignored.

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